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My name is Na’shell Today Williams. In the fall of 1997 I moved from Kansas City to Wichita to attend college. I took 3 years off from college to embrace being a new mother to by biggest blessing, my daughter Journey. I returned to college and obtained my Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, and Minor in Sociology from Wichita State University in 2004. After working for the Kansas Department of Corrections for several years, I became eager to reach out to young children. In 2005 I traveled to public schools in Kansas City, to inspire young children to stay in school through motivational speaking, and theatre. Over the next several months, I begin to encounter personal experiences. During that time I began to build a more in depth personal relationship with God. I realized that sometimes we don’t realize how good God is, until God is all that we have.

In the summer of 2008, I started my own production company, Today’s Journey Productions. This production company is designed to allow young people to be inspired by life challenges. It is also to empower young children to realize that even when you have made mistakes in life, you still have the opportunity to make changes for your future. 

Today’s Journey Productions motto is: There is nothing you can do about yesterday, your new JOURNEY starts TODAY.

I am currently I the process of going into Wichita middle and high schools to launch a motivational speaking program through theatre titled, “Your Journey Starts Today”.

I credit a lot of my success to my inspiration my daughter Journey, my mother, my church St. Mark UMC, and last by not least, God, for allowing me to experience trials and tribulations to make me a vessel to minister to the young. 


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