Susan’s Pink Road Scholarship

In 2009 Susan E. Roby began her journey down the pink road to battle breast cancer.  As she continued her walk she continued to remain an active member in her community and church.  She loved to conduct fundraisers and inspire young people.  Susan’s journey ended August 18, 2011.  She will always be remember as a devoted grandmother who encouraged her grandchildren to push themselves beyond their limits and who always thought of others first and never of herself.

The purpose of the Susan’s Pink Road Scholarship is to assist students who have the drive to continue their education and one day is willing to give back to their community.  

The intention of this scholarship is to reward a hardworking student whose grades would not typically merit a scholarship.  In the business world, GPA will not be the only factor that determines success.  Here’s to your hard work, determination, and creativity!

In order to be eligible to be considered for a scholarship, an applicant must satisfy the following requirements:
- Must be an  active member in a church.
- Must plan to attend/or be attending an accredited college, university or trade school (Scholarship checks will only be mailed to the school to be attended by the scholarship winner)    

Majors: Any
Class level: entering freshman or sophomore year of college                                                                                   

 GPA: between 2.5 and 3.75
Financial need: considered but not required as defined by the government
Other: preference will be given to students who are highly motivated and demonstrate evidence of community service and understanding. 
Amount: one scholarship of $1,500 awarded for 2012-2013

To download the application please go to Forms-then Susan's Pink Road

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